Celebrate National Pie Day - January 23rd

applepieDid you know that today is National Pie Day? Every January 23rd since 1986, the American Pie Council sponsors Pie Day to celebrate with fellow pie lovers. Last year the American Pie Council polled 1,000 respondents where it found that apple pie is America’s favorite pie. Chocolate and pumpkin pie tied for second and cherry was America’s third favorite.

Who invented pies?

It is estimated that the first pie was created in ancient Greece (around 9500 BC)consisting of meat and seasonings. In the late 1800s it was brought to America, where eventually sweet filling was introduced.  

What we love about pies:

  • They are designed to be shared
  • Versatile –savory or sweet 
  • Endless varieties

So, what is your favorite pie?

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