The Perfect Business Trip: What Would It Be Like for You?

Business travel is near and dear to our hearts here at Concur. We’re business travelers ourselves so standing in lines, missing connections, packing our carry-ons and being out on the road is something that we understand to our very core. We’re with you in more ways than one. This year we asked the business travel experts – the travel managers from companies around the world – at the GBTA conference in Boston what the perfect business trip would be like for them. Not surprisingly, their answers mirrored a lot of what we’ve been thinking about and working on, too. What’s their idea or suggestion for a perfect business trip? Here are just a few of the answers:

Do expenses as I go

We hear you! And it’s something that we’re working toward everyday. From e-receipts to the Receipt Store, Concur is invested in finding ways to put the expense report on the endangered list.

Be compliant, properly pre-approved, expense captured electronically, within budget

Spoken like an experienced travel manager! We’re dedicated to making sure that travel managers have the visibility and insight they need about their company’s business travel so that they can ensure that policies are followed, budgets are met and travelers are as happy as can be.

Anticipate your every move

Based on past choices and traveler preferences, this year we’re forging ahead to provide business travelers with hotel and dining offers and recommendations. The ultimate expectation is to make business travel an overall more personalized, better experience.

Have lots of time there and almost none traveling (seriously, when will they invent transporters?)

Granted, the transporters are a long way off, but they would certainly rank as one of the best advancements in business travel ever when they show up.


Yes! We wish that for everyone out there on the road. No matter what your definition of success, Concur supports you each step along the way.

Business travelers and travel managers alike, we’d love to hear from you! What would make a perfect business trip to you? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post or tweet @ThePerfectTrip.

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