Parking for today’s business traveler

With the rise of the Internet of Things, every industry is moving to constant connectivity thanks to the exponential increase of smart devices. Parking is no different. Years ago, drivers were at the mercy of their eyes and ears as they scoured the streets for an open and hopefully inexpensive parking space. Now, they can open up an app like ParkWhiz , compare parking garage rates, pre-book their space and forget about paper trails.


ParkWhiz enables companies to increase employee productivity and better manage a significant portion of their spend.


The average business traveler isn’t hopping on a plane to catch a last-minute cross-country flight, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The majority of long-distance business trips in the U.S. are within 250 miles and taken by car. ParkWhiz enables users to conveniently make informed parking decisions, secure a guaranteed space and focus on what matters most with the time they save. With rates typically lower than drive-up or hotel options, ParkWhiz can also help companies reduce spend.


And it’s no surprise that the last thing anyone wants to worry about is filing expense reports. By partnering with Concur, ParkWhiz helps with that too. Now available in the App Center, Concur users can connect their accounts to ParkWhiz to automatically send e-receipts to Concur for effortless expensing. No more digging through your car or bags for your parking receipts.


What’s Next? The Connected Car

Why take your phone out when you can book a parking spot right from your car’s dashboard? Mobile-technology group GSMA predicts that every car will be connected by 2025. At ParkWhiz, we’re excited about the opportunity and are working with auto manufacturers to further reduce the friction involved in the modern driver’s parking experience. Whether in your pocket or in your car, having the ability to book parking at the touch of a button is a win for business travelers.  


Visit the Concur App Center to learn more or to connect your account to ParkWhiz. To further support business travelers, our new product ParkWhiz for Business is in Beta; email for more information.

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