Paperless Trail

Along with discovering several tips on successful Social Media Marketing from the Old Spice Man, readers of this month’s Entrepreneur magazine were treated to a rundown of what Concur Breeze’s mobile component can do to streamline expense management for small businesses—all without the need for paper receipts or spreadsheets.

From Entrepreneur’s article Paperless Trail, “Picture a full week on the road without your having to save a single receipt—and then not having to come back and puzzle over an expense report. This kind of bliss is now, in fact, attainable.

"This bliss is so much better considering how affordable the solution is and how potent it is on the go. Entrepreneur magazine found the following particularly useful for its readers, “There are settings to import credit card data and functions to manage and attach photos of cash receipts. Bosses can even accept or reject employee submission on the go. All without a scrap of paper.”

We’re thrilled to hear that the benefits of Concur Breeze and its free mobile application are being so well received by one of the most influential publications for small business owners.

Check out the whole article in this month’s issue of Entrepreneur!

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