Innovation Award Winner: Oribe Hair Care

Concur recently had an opportunity to sit down with Sid Katari, Oribe Hair Care CFO, to talk about why Concur is the right fit for Oribe’s finance and sales teams. When seeing the Concur product for the first time and learning that reimbursement time had reduced significantly, the Oribe sales team gave a standing ovation at the end of the demo, kicking off a perfect partnership.

Oribe Hair Care was selected as a 2014 Concur Innovation Award winner. They may be a small business, but they’re utilizing Concur to make big impact for their employees. Karari doesn’t stick to the traditional methods for running a finance department, saying “I think we are always trying to reinvent our approach so if there are any added benefits from changing our behavior and the way that we travel or the way that we spend, we will be open to it… Our travel is all booked through a central travel agency and its managed that way and as a smaller company, we are able to leverage the advantages of their economies of scale as well because they have more leverage in terms of how they negotiate and the discounts and benefits that they get.”

Here’s what Karari had to say about Oribe’s huge success using Concur solutions to connect its back office with its global teams.

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