Capturing Open Data Leads to Better Risk Management

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Finding “Waldo” in a Storm

Adelman Travel services many mid-market corporate clients and travelers who want the same technology and access that is available from mega-agencies. Integrated travel and video conference solutions and risk management services for communication and safety are two prime examples. Being flexible enough to implement new solutions has been critical to meeting needs that clients have – especially when it comes to ensuring that we can service clients in virtually any situation.

Controlling Risk Management to Offer Better Customer Service

Open-mindedness to opportunities from an operational or technological forefront can sometimes lead to better services for clients, and client needs should always be a top priority. Risk management is one of the most critical services in today’s travel environment.

What clients want and need is location and itinerary data located in one place – including the travel arrangements, schedules and mode of transportation. As a travel management company, it’s imperative to have technological support and information travelers demand to offer a higher level of service. As an example, if there were a tsunami in Japan or an ash cloud in Europe – how would employees be informed, managed and ensured safety?  For Adelman, we have the answer.

How to Find “Waldo”

As I see it, our bottom line role is to bring better services to our client base. Risk management technology can ensure that the traveler can be serviced – no matter what may happen while that traveler is on the road. But risk management shouldn't just apply to a set of travelers; it should apply to all travelers – even those who book outside the normal transactional process.

For Adelman, TripLink and the TMC and Risk Messaging solutions from Concur give us the information we need to not only find and communicate quickly with “Waldo” and like employees, but also ensure we can measure compliance to travel policy while on the road.

While there is always a degree of leakage with corporate travel policies, there is also a way to bridge that gap. With the right technology and customizations, we are able to proactively service everyone, and in times of travel disruption and risk situations, that is critical.  I recently participated in a webinar and whitepaper with other industry experts and discussed risk management services for TMCs in more detail. 

We believe in valuable partnerships like the one we have with Concur help us bring unique services to the market, and ensure we are always delivering new and innovative solutions and services to our clients.

Companies should always expect above and beyond what’s considered standard in travel management – that’s our philosophy, so my advice is always aim to please, and partner where it makes sense for your business and your clients.


About the author:

Ivan Imana Chief Information Officer Adelman Travel

Ivan began his tenure with Adelman Travel Group in 1995 as a Senior Staff Accountant and was promoted quickly to Financial Reporting Manager. In 2004, he took responsibility for managing Adelman’s Technology Department. Ivan’s current role as Chief Information Officer is focused on finding and developing new technology solutions that will promotes efficient processes within Adleman, as well as providing innovative and intuitive services for corporate clients and their business travelers. In 2011, Ivan received the CIO of the Year award from the Society for Information Management. Ivan holds a BS in Business from San Diego State University.


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