On Trend: Automating Expense Reports

Barry Padgett was formerly Chief Product and Strategy Officer for SAP Concur

Here at Concur, we pride ourselves on making business travel painless, seamless, and simple, with expense reports that virtually write themselves. It’s an approach that continues to gain momentum as evidenced by two industry studies, each released in the last few weeks.


Okta released its second edition of Business @ Work, which offers an in-depth look at the apps and services people use to be productive—and it shows that Concur vies with Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Box, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services among the top apps businesses rely on most today.


“In today’s digital economy, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud services to enable employees to be more productive and agile,” explains Chuck Fontana, VP, Corporate & Business Development, Okta. “Concur is a great example of a specialized cloud application that is being widely adopted in the enterprise to help companies manage spend and run their businesses more efficiently.”


Our cloud-based approach combines applications like Concur Expense, Concur Travel and Concur Invoice with the Concur App Center. As a result, employees benefit from a seamless and efficient experience while businesses get accurate and insightful data to drive savings —so everyone wins. It’s no wonder Businesses @ Work found that Concur is “virtually ubiquitous.”


Average Number of Users Assigned to an App

Figure 1: Businesses @ Work (source: Okta)


Another recent report, the Business Travel News (BTN) 2016 Expense Manager Survey, found that Concur remains the most in-demand expense solution used by 52 percent of respondents. Increasingly, companies are seeking to move to a single expense tool and a single ERP system helps promote transparency with the overall business.


Cloud-based solutions will drive the next generation of enterprise efficiencies and  advancements. According to IDG, 76 percent of IT decision makers say digital business initiatives that serve customers and partners are “very important” or “critical” in the next 12 months. We’re committed to delivering innovative cloud solutions and industry-leading technologies to our customers that meet evolving business needs – look no further than Concur Labs to see some recent ideas and prototypes.

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