Official Airline Guide: OAG Flight Status is Here

As a business traveler, you know changes in travel plans are imminent. Without a doubt, you’ve faced delayed flights or terminal gate changes. But how do you stay on top of those changes?

Today, Concur announced an extension of our partnership with OAG (or the Official Airline Guide). And the partnership is all about helping you stay informed while you’re on the road. With OAG, travelers booking through Concur’s services will have immediate access and full availability of flight status information such as departure and arrival times, delays, cancellations, terminal/gate updates and baggage claim information.

Now, when any of that information is changed, Concur will automatically generate a notification for you to keep you informed. In fact, we’ll send updates right to your mobile device – after all, you likely already use your mobile phone to stay informed while on the road. Now, you can take that one step farther and virtually eliminate moments of frustration when your flight changes.

How much better is business travel now? Changes to your travel plans will still happen, but you will now be informed about those changes and won’t waste precious time showing up for a canceled flight or unaware of travel delays. Together with OAG, Concur gives you the most reliable flight status information from over 900 airlines and 3500 airports worldwide.

How would access to flight status information change the way you travel?

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