Concur Breeze in The New York Times

Have you heard the news? According to a recent New York Times article, business travel is on the rebound and tools like Concur® Breeze are helping small businesses—traditionally the first organizations to experience a recovery—take even more control of their travel and entertainment expenses.

The article explores how the financial crisis and AIG’s resort hotel scandal prior to their bailout prompted a general call for more transparency in how public companies use their travel and entertainment dollars. While banks and credit card companies are making it easier to segment and see into corporate credit card bills (for things like hotel charges), EMI Yoshi, a party goods manufacturer and Concur Breeze client, demonstrated how these tools could work for small businesses within a smart and unified expense management system.

Using Breeze, EMI Yoshi is able to take photos of their cash receipts on the road and quickly attach them to expense reports. Hillel Zafir, chief technology officer for EMI Yosni, told The Times about a few of the benefits this brings. Among them, “…the hour long reporting process has been shaved to a few minutes of work.”

If you are interested in reading the rest of the article about Concur Breeze and how the corporate credit card is changing, check it out here, Tools to Make Short Work of Expense Reports.

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