New User Interface of Concur Invoice in Early Access Period

SAP Concur has introduced the first version of a new user interface (UI) for Concur Invoice. Version 1.0 of the new UI is designed primarily for people in Accounts Payable (AP) who are constantly monitoring the health of the invoice lifecycle within the system. With a new AP landing page, design concepts of "Call to Action" and "Work to Zero" are brought to the forefront to ensure they are working on the highest priority tasks. 

IMPORTANT: The new user interface of Concur Invoice is available to designated clients in the Early Access period. It is not related to the next generation of the Concur Expense user interface and will be made generally available on a separate timeline after the Early Access period is complete. Contact your SAP Concur representative for more information about enabling this new UI.

Invoice AP users and Invoice Processors will now land on a new Invoice Manager page that provides key information about all active invoices. On the Invoice Manager tab, they will see new tiles and new sections including visibility into Active Invoices and My Tasks sections. The Invoice Processor also sees a newly designed Unassigned Invoices page that is more modern.

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