Every travel cloud has a silver lining!

Business is becoming more personal and personal is becoming more business.

Let’s face it, today’s business travelers have a lot to juggle as we seem to be more connected to the office than ever before, no matter where you are in the world! And that is making it tough to take time off when you’re on the road. But for all the notifications pinging you back to reality, there’s another class of technology that makes business travel simpler, smarter and more efficient than ever.

The great news is “travel tech” just keeps getting better. What started with a few handy apps has turned into a veritable buffet of gadgets and services that savvy travelers can use to optimize their time away from the office. From saving room in your bag to making space in your schedule, it’s time to take advantage of everything technology has to offer.  


Make it a “bleisure” trip

Taking a little time for yourself during a business trip is good for you, say the experts. All work and no play can result in burnout and poor performance for even the most seasoned traveler. Having fun, on the other hand, can improve productivity, increase motivation and make your entire experience more enjoyable.

“Companies have an opportunity to embrace this. It makes it easier to work with people, and creates shared interests among employees who travel together," says Kelly Murphy, a spokesperson for Bridgestreet.

As you’re creating your business itinerary, look to see where you can comfortably fit in a few extras. If possible, time your trip near the end of the week so you have a day to explore, and another to travel home without cutting into work time. Services like Groupon and Yelp can help you find out what’s happening nearby – and ensure you get the best prices.  


Protect your stuff when you’re on the go

It’s not always easy, or possible, to keep your eye on valuables while you travel. Whether you’re worried about checked luggage at the airport or leaving personal devices in your hotel room, technology can help. Bags from Eagle Creek and PacSafe are theft-deterrent – for both physical and digital property. Concur’s expense reporting software allows you to snap a photo of your receipts so you’ll never have to worry about losing them. And tech like the iWallet can keep your cash, credit cards, ID and passport secure.

If you travel frequently for business, look into technology that makes sense for where you’re going. Investing in secure luggage will give you peace of mind – and keep you from losing everything to identity theft. Using an automated expense solution such as Concur allows you to store receipts in the cloud, while Concur TripLink gives your employer visibility into your travel itinerary and data with the shared ability to use tools like a secure messaging system so you know you are never too far away from home. 


Stay connected – and comfortable

Today, staying connected is easy to do. With sophisticated airport terminals and lounges, in-flight WiFi, and an abundance of charging terminals, office connectivity is never more than a few clicks away. While travel time can be seen as a great opportunity to keep up with work, it can also be beneficial to relax.

Products like Evernote’s Business Notebook give you more down time by sending your meeting notes directly into your Evernote account. No more typing up notes after the meeting is done—that’s already finished, so you can start relaxing sooner. To make meetings even easier, Cvent’s integration with Concur allows meeting attendees all the benefits of Concur’s time and money-saving booking platform, with the added benefit for meeting planners to have create comprehensive attendee reports.

Hybrid products like the Sleeper Scarf keep you looking—and feeling—your best. If you have a long flight or layover, schedule some of it for work, and take advantage of airplane mode for the rest of the time. Powering down your devices for a few hours can provide the rest and reflection time you need to perform at the top of your game.



Put innovation to work for you

We have all heard the term, “work smarter, not harder” and having the right tech can make traveling less complicated whether you’re taking a day trip or heading overseas. By looking into products and services that ease your workload or give you peace of mind, you can simplify your business and personal life while traveling and that is a cloud with a silver lining!

What will you try out next? Share your travel tech suggestions in the comments below or on social media via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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