New Mashups with Evernote Save You Time & Effort

Innovation is everywhere, and we’re discovering new and useful mashups, hack ideas and integrations at events like the Evernote Conference on October 2nd-3rd, the Tnooz THack on October 4th and Silicon Valley Code Camp, which took place October 11th-12th. evernote At the Evernote Conference, for instance, CEO Phil Libin (pictured here) demo’d how users can scan a receipt using the brand new Evernote app, Scannable. Scannable lets you scan images directly from the Evernote Edition ScanSnap scannerinto your Evernote account. This app also works natively with smartphones. Evernote also showed how an integration with Concur makes this one step smarter by auto-detecting and sending receipts directly into your Concur account. Remember the mountain of receipts? This  integration helps you consolidate receipts in one single place, making it easier than ever to file and expense.

See the live demo here:


The Concur Team also built another helpful feature as part of the integration. Have to expense a dinner with clients? Now you can scan business cards into the Evernote Edition ScanSnap scanner and have your contact information appear directly in your Concur account.



Here’s the Concur APIs used for Evernote integrations:


  • Attendees: This enables you to add, update or inactivate attendees of events that need to be expensed.
  • Receipt Images: This enables you to manage receipt or invoice images that are attached to expense reports.

evernote1 The Evernote Conference Keynote at Fort Mason, with 1,600 attendees.


evernote2 Christopher Trudeau from Concur Engineering presenting the Concur-Evernote integration demo.  


DevCon_PPT_Banner_Ad_r01 We’ll demo new integrations and hear from Uber, Airbnb, VisionMobile, Trover, Visage and more at The Perfect Trip DevCon 2014 next week in San Francisco.Learn more: The Perfect DevCon 2014 @ConcurAPI

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