New Editions: Concur Refreshes Product Names

What’s in a name? A lot, actually. While the demand of our clients is evolving, so is the way we present our products. In that vein, we’ve had a good look at our product and service offerings and decided to simplify how we describe them. We’ll still be offering the same features and functionality under Concur’s brand of integrated travel and expense tools, but with solutions more accurately titled to reflect your needs.

We’ve changed over to an “editions” format that includes Small Business, Standard, Professional, Premium, and Government editions, as well as Concurforce. This will make our services easier to identify and give you greater insight into our broad spectrum of offerings. For instance, “Concur Breeze” was our small business product line. It’s still easy and breezy – we’re just calling it Concur Small Business edition instead.

Here’s how the refreshed product names shake out:



A lot of thoughtful design goes into everything we do at Concur, including our services, customer support and product titles. Everything we do is designed to make a positive impact on your business and employees. We believe our simplified product names and edition structure are better support your unique business needs.

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