New Cookie Preferences Link in the SAP Concur Page Footer

To maintain compliance with global privacy requirements, some cookie-related process changes and links were introduced. There are two types of consent when allowing cookies to be saved on a user's computer and each country decides which option to use.

The options are:

  • Active consent. The user actively agrees to accept cookies. In this case, SAP Concur is required to obtain user consent before loading any cookies on a user's computer.
  • Passive consent. The user does not prevent cookies. The release notes discuss consent for and modification of cookies.

Note the following:

  • TrustArc, a global privacy and data governance provider, monitors and manages the cookie-related processes for SAP Concur.
  • In accordance with regulations, the consent and modification processes must be completed by individual SAP Concur users. There is no option for companies to make these choices for their users.
  • Once a user has accepted cookies, they cannot modify their cookies options to stop accepting cookies.
  • SAP Concur is taking a phased approach to some of these changes. For example, not all users will immediately see the Cookie Preferences link. Over the next two weeks, some of the options may have subtle changes. All changes will be available and in effect by May 25.

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