New App Ideas at TechCrunch Disrupt Reveal “Un-Apped” Business Travel Opportunity

While "there’s an app for that" applies perfectly to the leisure travel app market, the same can’t be said for business travel apps. The business travel industry alone is worth $1.12T yet most apps are geared towards leisure travel, as you can see in the infographic:Tap into Business Travel Apps. The business travel industry is ripe for innovation: What could be a better setting to test this theory than the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, held May 3-5, 2014, in New York City?Hackathons are about experimenting with new ideas for the full gamut of solutions and platforms, including the


Concur Platform. They are a perfect setting for mashing up technologies from different verticals.As these ideas explore new territory, developers interested in deploying their apps to real Concur users undergo a Concur certification process to ensure their apps are secure and provide the best user experience for Concur users.

More than 700 developers joined the 24-hour coding binge, and 90+ app submissions were on full display during the demo. True to hackathon thinking, out-of-the-box hacks featured integrations with Oculus Rift, Yammer, Yodlee, arcGIS, Wunderground and Mailjet, to name a few. Check out these cool concepts that integrate with the Concur Platform to "disrupt" the business travel app space.  

Hack Idea How It Could Work with the Concur Platform
CorpSquare CorpSquare helps business travelers map out where various expenses occurred. When you visit a new city for work, you can also search which businesses your co-workers frequented to help determine where you might go while on the road for business.
Flotilla Drowning in a sea of expenses? Forget the life preserver, Flotilla has come to the rescue. Flotilla registers credit card transactions and provides travelers with a simple way to manage expenses—all on the go from the palm of the hand.
Dining Proffer For business travelers with a set budget and a gourmet taste, restaurants can “bid” on prefixed dinners that matches approved per diem through Concur. Travelers receive offers from restaurants and choose the most appealing one. Merchants can fill unsold seats faster with information on diners, prefixed budgets and dining preferences.
Inspire Inspire disrupts the packaged tour industry by allowing users to act as their own tour operators. Inspire uses Concur to coordinate group bookings and the Oculus Rift and Pearson API to immerse people in the locations they’re visiting.
YammCur Our hack takes the best out of Yammer and Concur and enables employees to earn cash for every single dollar they save their company on business trips.
Concur Trip All-in-one app helps business travelers improve their trips. Travelers can check the weather forecast for the entire trip; get daily emails with information on their destination; save their itinerary to Evernote; discover nightlife, restaurants, and local entertainment; and connect with a nearby network.
One Glance In one glance, get a quick overview of daily tasks, weather, expenses and travel plans by connecting with Microsoft Azure, SQL Database and Concur. Yodlee integrates for automatic synchronization of expense items to Concur.
Globe Trotter See a 3D visualization of all your company air travel over a condensed timeline.
smarTrip smarTrip is a social travel expense tracker that lets you create group budgets while traveling with friends. Clean & simple design + automatic Evernote synching makes smarTrip the smartest way to travel.
Wagenda Have a lot to do and little time to decide? Wagenda help you make the best decisions! With decisions based on weather and factors, such as finances and expenses, this app helps you manage schedules seamlessly and make decisions swiftly.
Interested? See videos of the demos from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.


We're looking forward to more ideas and hacks in the future. Next stop :  #APIconSF in San Francisco, where $15K in cash prizes will be given away.

Learn more @ConcurAPI and, and save the date for The Perfect Trip DevCon 2014, on October 30, 2014, in San Francisco.

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