Nap Pods – The Next Frontier of Travel Luxury

As an experienced traveler, you always ensure that your flight is on time before you leave for the airport. However, whether your flight actually departs on time is another story. You know the scenario: you arrive to your gate only to learn that your plane is delayed and won’t be taking off for several hours. A few years ago, your only options would be to just sit and wait, eat an overpriced meal or walk around the terminal. Is there a better solution than just waiting in the uncomfortable airport chairs? Yes, it turns out that there is!

Nap pods, private and enclosed rooms, which are rented by the hour, are popping up at various airports around the globe to help travelers pass the time.  Most are the size of a very small dorm room and come complete with a bed, desk, outlets for recharging devices, WI-FI and to ensure you make it back to your gate on time, an alarm clock. With the ability to rent nap pods for a maximum of 12 hours and leave and re-enter, passengers will no doubt take advantage of this brilliant solution.

One company, napcabs, currently has nap pods in the Munich Airport (Terminal 2, Level 4 & 5), and ranges from $12 to $18 per hour – with a minimum of $35. They reassure guests that the cabins are cleaned after every use, including a new set of sheets placed on the bed. There are other types of nap pods currently available in Hanoi, Abu Dhabi and select cities in Japan.


nap cab



Our guess is we will continue to see these nap pods popup in additional airports, altering the landscape and design of future airport terminals. As they increase in popularity, we expect to see nap pods expand their services and features, such as including a computer.



nap pod abu dhabi


Have you rented an airport nap pod before? How did you like it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or in Facebook or Twitter. Which airport do you wish had a nap pod?  

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