My Summer Internship, Going Global

This entry is part of our Summer Intern series at Concur. Our Summer Interns are more than just interns; they are part of our Concur family. So, here are a few of their stories about what they learned while working here at Concur.

Currently, I am interning for Concur’s Human Resource Department where I’m assisting the Operations team along with the Human Resource Business Partners. Previously. I was also helping the Talent Acquisition team with a variety of projects dealing with Concur’s website framework, along with analyzing trends from multiple websites such as Glassdoor in order to help Concur locate the perfect new members of their ever-growing team. Hopefully, by the end of my journey as an intern, I will fully understand the Human Resources process at Concur.When I’m not doing my summer internship, I’m a student at Central Washington University’s Law and Justice program.

My internship experience at Concur is truly unforgettable. The company as a whole has been very accommodating and hospitable to each of us in the summer internship program. Today, we had a group lunch with a few of my fellow Concur interns from all around the world — Paris, Germany, Manila and more. It was so fascinating that even though we have never met in person, only by email, we had commonalities both inside and outside of work. Plus, it was incredible that in a group setting, all of us could connect like a family even though each of our cultures is completely different and located across the world. I learned a lot about different customs, lifestyles and languages during a short period of time today— something, that I am sure will be very beneficial for my future endeavors.

I only have a few more quarters left until graduation. Then, I will be traveling to Europe, (France, Spain, Germany and Italy) — always a helpful motivator to finish school.Afterwards, I ultimately would like to pursue a career here at Concur — ideally moving into a management position within the HR Department that would allow me to pursue my love of travel.

My time here as an intern is not just a rewarding learning experience, but the relationships and friendships that I have formed with everyone are a bonus!  With all of my newly acquired knowledge and skills from my time spent here, I will be able to achieve great things wherever my journey takes me.

Thanks Concur! About the author: Ashley Hamlot is a 22 years young college student at Central Washington University. She is currently studying Law and Justice with the hope of traveling the world once she is out of school.

Does your company have a summer internship program?I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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