My Summer Internship — Developing Skills to Help My NPO

This entry is part of our Summer Internship series at Concur. Our Summer Interns are more than just interns; they are part of our Concur family. So, here are a few of their stories about what they learned while working here at Concur.

I remember how ecstatic my parents were when I told them I got an internship offer from Boeing because I would be the 20th member in my family to work there, following in their footsteps like they always hoped I would. Then, I remember how upset and confused they were when I said I wanted to join Concur instead. And, I guess now, I can kind of understand why - they couldn't see where I was coming from.

Prior to my internship, I had the opportunity to meet several people at Concur — from recruiters all the way up to the CEO and CFO. I fell in love with this innovative, fast-paced mentality that every employee seemed to have here at Concur. Their passion made me realize how much the community aspect of a company mattered to me, even during my internship. Steve Singh summed it up in our intern “Lunch and Learn” session a couple weeks back, saying, "When you're looking for a job, look for people you really, truly want to work with. Go after that. The rest will follow." I have no doubt that this is not only one of the most valuable career lessons, but life lessons as well.

Now, six weeks into my internship, all I can say is that I'm very happy with my decision to join Concur. I work with the Small and Mid-sized Account Management department, where I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool work to help our customers. I’m one of the few administrators for our LinkedIn Client User Group, where I help manage our customer conversations. I’ve also created training presentations for my manager to take to our co-workers overseas on topics such as client escalation, email etiquette and a general understanding of our market space. Even as an intern, my contributions not only matter to my co-workers, but can also have a lasting impact.

Someday, I hope to run my own nationwide 5-star hotel chain. This will enable me to create a global non-profit organization, which offers services to help people get their life back on track. As I continue on towards this fairly courageous career goal of mine, I know I will take this one particular lesson with me wherever I go — it's the people that matter. If you work with people who believe what you believe and want to be there just as much as you do, the hard work and results will follow.

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my Dad and he asked me how my internship was going. As I went on raving about the projects I’ve been working on, the field trips we’ve gone on and all the amazing people I’ve met, he nodded his head, did a half smile and said, “I think you made the right decision.”

About the author: Emmeline Vu is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington, double majoring in Business and Informatics. When Emmeline is not studying, a lot of her time is spent working on her non-profit organization, the College Start-Up Foundation, which promotes youth engagement. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants around the city.

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