My Summer Internship at TripIt — Setting The World on Fire

This entry is part of our Summer Intern series at Concur. Our Summer Interns are more than just interns; they are part of our Concur family. So, here are a few of their stories about what they learned while working here at Concur.

At Gonzaga University Commencement, our president Thayne McCulloh told us, “Go and set the world on fire.” "Set the world on fire?" I thought to myself. Um, I am going to be sitting behind a computer all day trying to pay all of my own bills for the first time in my life — how am I supposed to find such deep meaning in that? Inspirational, but let’s be real.


For most of my senior year at Gonzaga University, the plan was to graduate in May and move to Seattle with my best friends. But when I heard I had the opportunity to move to San Francisco, my favorite city in the U.S., and work for TripIt, Concur's most consumer-facing travel app, how could I refuse?



I love being a part of TripIt. I truly believe in the benefits that the company is providing to travelers everywhere. When I studied abroad during my junior year in Florence, Italy, I was really not the most efficient traveler — always fumbling through paper itineraries. Thankfully though during my last trip after graduation, I led my friends confidently through Europe like a pro thanks to TripIt, which saved us too many times.



Today, I am working as the Public Relations Intern at TripIt. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business Administrations with concentrations in Marketing, International Business and Entrepreneurship, but I wanted to get a taste of PR and its important role in marketing. In just this first half of my internship, I have created media lists, drafted award applications, brainstormed proposals for exciting events such as SXSW, sought out interesting articles for our customers, updated our press page and blog, drafted press pitches and gathered and analyzed TripIt coverage in weekly press recaps. It has been a great way to become more familiar with Concur and TripIt’s overall vision to help travelers find a better way.



Daily, I am impressed by my co-workers at TripIt and Concur — their passion is inspiring. It is an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by so many bright minds, yet humble, hard-working people. Coming into the office each day is the most at-home I have felt in this exciting, yet unfamiliar, big city.It’s such a great experience to have as one of my first jobs.



As a recent grad, I often think about my career goals. Internships have helped me to further discern my goals and more importantly, transition into the professional world. Working in PR has shown me new ways to connect with an audience and has given me interesting insights into marketing.



So now that I graduated, the question remains — have I set the world on fire? No, not quite yet...  sorry President McCulloh. However, by working as a PR intern at TripIt, I believe that I am helping others do so. How? Because working to create awareness about a product that makes one of my greatest passions, travel, a less-stressful experience, travelers everywhere can set the world on fire, one trip at a time. Now, it's time for you to set the world on fire with a free trial of TripIt Pro!


About Lauren BerryMy goal is to one day work in brand strategy or consumer engagement and always have plenty of time to travel the world with my camera in hand and an appetite! Today, I am enjoying living in beautiful San Francisco and getting to know the city as a local, not just a tourist  Futher down the road, I hope to go to culinary school in Italy. Go Zags! 

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