My Summer Internship — Are We Having Fun Yet?

This entry is part of our Summer Internship series at Concur. Our Summer Interns are more than just interns; they are part of our Concur family. So, here are a few of their stories about what they learned while working here at Concur.

You’ll hear about a lot of intern programs where the interns are assigned menial tasks that don’t accomplish much. Sure, they help the company a little, but do the interns benefit from the experience? Do they learn anything? Did they have fun?


At Concur, they have decided that the answer to all those questions should be a definite “yes!” I found it peculiar that while I was working, I was frequently asked, “Are you having fun?” Even weirder was the fact that I could honestly say yes. This I believe is really the point of hiring interns — for everyone to enjoy learning new things.



While at school, I’ve been going through the basic motions — trying to get good grades, so I can get a good job and make decent money. I’ve been told to do what I love and the money will come, but I didn’t really believe it. Because, what do I love? I love hanging out with friends. I love food, playing soccer, the piano, video games and of course sleeping (After all, I am in college.). So unless the dream device from Inception becomes a reality, there’s not a great chance of me sleeping for a career (but we can dream).



While interning at Concur, President and COO, Rajeev Singh once mentioned why he loved his job. I had been wondering about this when I applied for my internship. How could a career in travel and expense management be something that he loves? And, it’s business travel at that. Raj said he loved his job because he was actually making a difference in the world. It’s not about the subject of your job, as much as what you’re doing about it. And, I actually experienced this from my summer internship.



I’ve been working on a mobile app with a team of interns. The idea behind the app was to make business travel a more enjoyable experience by connecting you with co-workers to leave tips and advice for each other. And, I actually had fun doing this. Being creative and trying to figure out how to make the experience better was so much fun. Plus, in the end, the app is going too help improve someone’s travel experience. I felt like I was making a real difference, which really excited me.



Before Concur, I always wondered how companies benefitted from interns. My experience has taught me that interns aren’t about the short-term benefits — they’re a long-term investment. Interns are the future of the workforce. You need to inspire the youth, the up and coming workers, to be innovators. Inspiring the future generation to be their best helps everyone, because not a single company is a complete separate entity. What I got out of this internship was the inspiration to pursue careers where I make a difference. Love of your career doesn’t just come from the subject of your career, but seeing something in the world that YOU can make better.


About the Author: Hi, I’m Nathaniel Morihara. I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Rochester, NY and I’m going to be a junior at Cornell University this fall majoring in Computer Science.(Thanks to this internship) I’m interested in app development, and I’m currently developing on my own app on the side.


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