My Job: Helping Small Businesses Succeed

There are no shortages of companies out there who claim they are friends to small business, but I am proof that Concur actually means it.

Hi, I’m Steve Strauss. You may have read my long-running weekly column over at, or at AOL, or at the American Express OPEN Forum. Or maybe you have seen me on TV or have read or seen my book, The Small Business Bible.

And then again, maybe you have never heard of ‘ol Strauss! Of course that’s fine too.

You are reading me here at the Concur Breeze blog because, as I said, Concur really means it when they say that they are here to help small business. First of all, consider Exhibit A (and yes, I am indeed a lawyer, although these days I am a “recovering” attorney): Concur Breeze. As you likely know, Concur Breeze is Concur’s new online, automated expense reporting solution designed specifically for small businesses.

I love this product because it is specifically intended to make our small business life easier. Entering expense reports into your system is not only boring, it can be a waste of your precious resources. So what I like is that Concur Breeze simplifies expense reporting by automatically capturing credit card transactions and helps you track costs and manage cash.

While this blog offers some great ideas for making your use of Concur Breeze well, a breeze, Concur’s commitment to you and the success of your small business actually goes much deeper than that.

That’s where I come in.

Helping small businesses succeed is my job. It’s what I do, and it’s what I plan to do here. But if you think this is going to be some boring business blog, think again. What we plan on to do is to provide Concur Breeze’s small business customers with usable, actionable business ideas and strategies. And I also want to create a dialogue with you, find out what is working for you, and share what I have learned along the way.

It truly is an amazing time to be part of a small business. Yes, the economy has been a challenge (to say the least!) but from a broader perspective, the plethora of tools and assistance available to small business today makes this a golden age. Whether it is social media or software, the Internet or e-commerce, websites or blogs, there are more ways than ever to learn what you need to learn, get the word out, and get ahead.

So stick around. If I do my job right, yours just got easier.

Steve Strauss is a contributing writer for Say Breeze. Visit Steve's website.

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