Part two: my first business trip with Concur, "Automagically creating my expense report"

This is the second in a two part series about my first business trip with Concur, or how I came to love doing expense reports. I shared my nightmare business travel history in part one to help you understand how painful and tedious my expense reports were, taking up an average of 7 hours of my week. Read on to hear about my new life and first business trip with Concur.  


My new life—using Concur for travel expenses

In one respect, this expense reporting pain is what brought me to work at Concur. I believe in what Concur does and the ways that it helps people focus on what matters most, because I have had first-hand experience. I actually consider my first expense report using Concur to be a life-changing experience because they are the most hassle-free expense reports of my life. It has been a night and day change from the formerly time-consuming and tedious reporting of my travel expenses to now having an expense report that practically writes itself.


While on this first business trip as a Concurian earlier this year, I connected with my team’s counterparts in Minnesota. Over the course of three days, we synced on goals, how to work more effectively, separately and together, how to be more connected in all aspects of our projects and processes, as well as ways to better serve our customers together. It was a productive use of our time and an extremely rewarding experience with many “moments of truth” for us.



Aaron Guerra with Concur Eden Prairie team at Butcher and Boar



Although we worked hard, we also enjoyed some delicious food and relaxing times at Butcher & the Boar. As a foodie and amateur wine connoisseur, the meal I had there was excellent! This James Beard award nominated restaurant served American craft/gastropub-type fare. I ate a duck entrée that was both inventive and satisfying.



Dinner at Butcher and the Boar Dinner at Butcher and the Boar - 2



Besides connecting with coworkers and enjoying a fabulous meal, one of the best parts of my first business trip with Concur was automagically doing, as I like to call it, my expense report. Throughout the trip, I was able to:


    • Receive airline updates instantly about the delays and gate changes with TripIt Pro.


    • Have my Starbucks purchases flow into my expense reports via the app with my connected rewards card.


    • Send Uber trip receipts directly into Concur so they appear in my expense report.


    • Have all of my travel data is in the cloud, accessible on my phone at any time.


    • Take pictures and automatically upload of all my lunch and dinner meal receipts with ExpenseIt.


    • Came into work the next day verified my expense report and pushed “submit”. It didn’t take me six to eight hours to do.


    • Then I was able to hit “submit my expense report” which it took less than a few seconds.



At the end of the trip, I was able to do something that I had never been able to do with my previous company who didn’t use Concur and had manual expense reporting:I was able to go home and relax over a bottle of wine. If this were a product on or a Yelp Restaurant review I would give it 5 stars. I was blown away by the ease of use and the simplicity of the interface.



You might think that I’ve drank the “kool-aid” or that I write this because I work at Concur. I work at Concur because I love my job, I love what we do and I love that what we deliver what we promise and are always committed holding to and improving on this promise. I feel more productive with the time and energy that has been freed up since I use an automated expense management system for my travel expenses. I can better focus on my job and achieving my work goals.



I would say my first Concur business trip was a huge success for myself and our team, but it was also huge success for me personally. Since I started at Concur, I feel like I have proper work-life balance and peace of mind when it comes to reporting travel expenses, all because I have an expense report that automagically writes itself.



There is a better way. Learn to love business travel again with Concur Travel and Expense.


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