Move Your Expense Reports to the Cloud

No matter where you are, the time and money lost to manually processing expense reports can really add up. A few weeks ago, Mike Eberhard, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Concur, shared exactly that when he sat down with Brooke Corte at Sky News Australia.

Believe it or not, most companies around the world still use a manual process like spreadsheets or templates to track and manage their expenses. In Australia alone, 70% of businesses still do it this way and a majority of businesses report that their expense reports are riddled with errors. For Australian companies, the research has shown that those errors can cost companies over $100 million.

Watch the video for more on the myth that expense automation is like a “corporate root canal,” learn what’s involved in moving your expense reporting to the cloud, and hear how you can finally take the pub napkin out of your expense report. No matter where you are, discover the benefits of what automated expense reporting can do for you.

From: Tech Report from Sky News Australia

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