Moneyball Inspiration Billy Beane Is Fusion’s Keynote Speaker

When great executives take big risks, push for innovation and leverage all the data in their wheelhouse, companies don’t just change – whole industries evolve. It’s something that Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane knows better than most. He was not only able to strike the perfect pitch between business and baseball – he knocked conventional leadership out of the park and shook up the entire sport as a result.

As our Fusion keynote speaker, we are thrilled to have Billy share his experience proving new strategies can yield new results – and change perceptions and expectations for success along the way.

Billy molded the Oakland Athletics into perennial postseason contenders since taking the GM job after the 1997 season. With his former assistant GM Paul DePodesta, Billy shattered antiquated MLB beliefs that big payrolls equaled big wins.

He implemented an unorthodox strategy that took the A’s from infamy as one of the worst teams in the American League, to undisputed success with five AL West division titles. Billy’s industry acumen and data-driven decisions are the stuff of business legends – and Hollywood has made him a household name. His competitive advantage with the A’s is based on strong statistical analysis and an unyielding commitment to innovation. And his life story is so cool: not only did it inspire author Michael Lewis to write the best-selling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, but Brad Pitt portrayed him in the blockbuster movie Moneyball.

Taking risks, being innovative, and using data, statistics and information – it’s a game-winning strategy that any company, in any industry, can use for its success. We look forward to the wisdom and inspiration Billy Beane will bring to Fusion 2013!

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