Rajeev Singh on Culture, Mobile & the Next Five Years

Xconomy Seattle recently sat down with Concur co-founder and COO Rajeev Singh for a candid interview about Concur’s history, growth and shifts in the industry overall, including the transition to SaaS and the increasing presence of mobile.

In this two-part interview, Thea Chard of Xconomy observes, “And while travel and expense reporting software may not sound like the hottest product on the shelves these days, according to co-founder, president and chief operating officer Rajeev Singh, the company has found a way to maintain rapid growth by shifting away from business services and into the fast-evolving mobile scene.”

This article provides fascinating insight into a culture of constant innovation that is the hallmark of Concur’s continued growth. It also provides a bit of detail on interesting chapters from Concur’s past – from what it takes to build a company from the ground up to lessons from surviving the dotcom crash – and even includes thoughts on where Concur might be in five years. 

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