Millennial Mandate: How the Next Generation Will Change Business Travel

Get ready for Flip-Flop Fridays. By 2025, it’s predicted that three out of four of your colleagues will hail from the millennial generation, a group of collaborative idealists who love blue jeans, social networking, and most of all: technology.

Millennials – born between the 1980s and early 2000s – are entering the workforce at the fastest pace since the Boomer generation. There are at least 40 million already earning paychecks, leading companies and yes – traveling on business.

So what are the expectations of this new “no collar” generation of road warriors?


No connection? No thank you.


Millennials grew up with the Internet and are used to being online and communicating with friends, family and coworkers at all times. On the road, the expectation is the same; millennials will stick with hotels, airlines and restaurants conducive to their connected lifestyle. Businesses should take heed. One study in Australia (source: cited 41% of travelers would refuse to go to a location with no connection.


Device dependence


This generation prefers digital interaction, most often on their mobile device with simpler, easier and faster processes. There’s been a drop in concierge use – who needs a restaurant recommendation when there’s an app for that?

Mobile search and booking are also seeing an uptick in the millennial segment, thanks to more intuitive platforms. Most want to check in or check out with their digital lifeline, and location-based push notifications are an easy way to make millennials happy.


Smaller, specialized hotels


The next generation of business travelers isn’t too concerned with grandeur or opulence. Rather, they prefer boutique hotels that encourage social interaction – even if that means a lobby full of millennials Skyping their friends by the coffee bar (where the concierge desk used to be).

Just like their work, millennials are looking to blur the lines between business and leisure travel in a kind of work-life “smoothie.” On the road, they’re seeking an interconnected version of home with of all comforts… but better snacks.

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