Concur is going to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. Are you?

This week the Concur Advisor Team is traveling to our nation’s capital to attend WPC 2014 (Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference), and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only do we get to see some of our valued partners, but we also get to join them in celebrating another successful Microsoft FY End that just wrapped up in June. And, we would like for you to join in the celebration.


4 ways to celebrate a successful Microsoft FY End with Concur at WPC 2014


1. Turn that Monday frown upside down

Let’s be honest, no one really likes Mondays — that is no one except Randy and Andy! As a pair of Platinum Concur partners both I.B.I.S Inc & Collins Computingare at WPC to Connect. We are honored to be celebrating their latest success and Microsoft FYEnd tonight at their Randy and Andy Bash. Will you be there?  

2. Never print, sign and scan again

We’ve all done it at sometime in our life — the dreaded print, sign and scan routine. Thanks to our partner, Docusign, you will never need to again. So forget your pens and paper, and stay cool with our partner Docusign’s VIP happy hour on Wednesday night. RSVP here.  

3. Learn practical strategies for bringing your business to the United States

With our international focus, the team will be attending this track: Successfully Entering the US Market: Practical Strategies for Bringing Your Business to the United States highlighted by our friend, Paul Soloski – current IAMCP Member and CEO of AIM Consulting.


Session Description: The US is a large market made up of many sub-markets. Despite language similarities with other nations, doing business in US is not easy. Attend this session and hear from partners who live this daily. They’ll discuss options for visas, taxes, legal entities, pros/cons of various US cities, preparing yourself, family and company for the move to ensure your rhythm of business is maintained, and more.



4. Focus on the things that matter with Concur’s Advisor Program

We get it — there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, especially when your company is growing and evolving. Everyone needs a trusted partner to help find more time to focus on the things that really matter. And with Concur’s Advisor Program for Microsoft Partners, you’ll gain more than just time. The program delivers a 20% Revenue Share in Year 1 and 10% thereafter, recurring!  As a trusted partner you’ll also have a free ticket to a plethora of Concur resources and access to our exclusive Sr Advisor Team. Plus, the program is FREE to join. That’s right… zero, zilch, nadda. What’s more fun to celebrate than that?


Want to learn more? Join us at Microsoft WPC2014. Joe Martino be there representing our US team with Sr. Director Bob Lewis, Sara Hurst from Canada and Rue Stanley from the UK to tell you more about all the exciting opportunities we have available to help your business grow and succeed. Join us to strategize on scenarios, formally train your team, even map out extensive marketing & roll out plans to support you and your Dynamics Client base. We’re also available to take a deeper dive and support you from a marketing perspective with webinars, sponsorship of your User Events and more!



We can’t wait to meet, reconnect & help you deliver more value to your clients.

Can’t be at Microsoft’s WPC2014? No worries. Reach out to Joe directly to learn more about Concur’s Advisor Program by emailing Joe directly here.  


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