Meet the faces of today’s business traveler

Last year, business travelers using Concur solutions expensed $18.2 billion on 46 million flights, $14.1 billion on 74 million hotel nights, nearly $10 billion on ground transportation and $12 billion on dining and entertainment.  Add focus groups, usability studies, site visits, and research to that treasure trove of transactional data and you have an unparalleled view into the world of business travel.


In the first ever State of Business Travel 2016 Report, we humanize that data and demystify the $76 billion expensed last year through Concur.  From that data, we’ve surfaced six different personas through which we can shed light into the typical business travel practices of today and help you effectively build or revise your travel policy.  It’s our pleasure to introduce you to:


Sam Thompson – Savvy Traveler

To Savvy Sam, business travel is annoying but an essential part of his job. He takes 15 to 30 trips per year and expenses on a per-trip basis.


Jeremy Sparks – Jet Setter

Jet Setter Jeremy expects business travel to be as comfortable as being at home. He takes 15 to 35 trips per year, and his assistant files his expenses for him.

Hannah Mishino – High-tech Newbie

Business travel is like being paid to take a mini vacation for High-tech Hannah! She loves to take business trips, and typically has three to seven trips per year. Hannah thinks expensing is a hassle, so she pushes it off to the last minute.

Alan Manning – Approving Manager

To Approving Alan, business travel is costly but necessary. He only takes up to two trips per year and files expenses monthly.

Tanya Abbott – Travel Arranger

Tanya is a travel-arranging pro and she is skilled at handling crises. She barely ever travels, but she books the trips for everyone else.

Carl Plackett – Cautious Planner

“You want me to take a business trip? Oh boy…” To Cautious Carl, travel is far more annoying than enjoyable. He rarely travels, but when he does, he files his expenses as soon as possible.

“Concur’s decision to develop these rich personas is brilliant," said Henry Harteveldt, founder and industry analyst at Atmosphere Research Group. "Business travel isn’t about airplanes, hotels, or per diems, it’s about people venturing forth to contribute to their organizations’ success. These six personas transform expenses from endless pages of dull numbers into lively, relatable, and understandable characters, with different business travel 'styles,' needs, and expectations. The result: Perspectives that make planning and administering business travel programs easier, more accessible, and more useful for Travel Managers, Financial Decision Makers, and others involved with their organizations’ business travel programs."


In addition to identifying our six faces of business travel, the State of Business Travel Report includes interesting facts and figures relating to the Travel & Expense industry that we’ll highlight in future blogs ­– stay tuned.


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