Meet Beth Norris Brennan, Client Marketing Manager & Rock Star

Name: Beth Norris Brennan

Concur Start Date: April 2008

Hometown: Aitkin, MN (home of the Aitkin “Gobblers”). Today, I live in Lonsdale, MN

Favorite City in the World: Tie between Budapest, Hungary and Melbourne, Australia

Favorite Workweek Lunch: There’s a Hunan Buffet that’s killer in the metro area.Also, I could eat Mexican pretty much all the time.

Pets: A turtle named Theo – I’ve had her for almost 2 decades.

What’s your secret superpower? I can remember lyrics to almost any song I’ve heard after hearing only a couple times.I have perfect pitch and can start any song I’ve heard (even if I last heard it years ago) in the right key/ note.

Tell us about you in 100 words or less: I’m the Manager for Client Marketing in the Enterprise Americas segment.Our little team is all about creating meaningful engagement opportunities and clear communications to our client base – resulting in advocacy, retention, satisfaction and growth.We focus on Communications, Adoption, Engagement and Client Executive enablement to really ensure our clients are getting the most value from their Concur experience. I’ve been with Concur for 6 years – first in America’s Segment marketing, and now in Client Marketing. Client-facing is the place to be!I have a husband, Tom, a turtle, Theo, I have a crazy exercise habit, I sing in a rock band and I’m a self- proclaimed craft beer snob.

If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?I’d want to be able to play any instrument I could put my hands on… instantly.

What inspires you to be who you are?My husband is my biggest fan – he’s even a groupie.I really feel he has my back in everything.He knows he married a weirdo – and really supports ME being ME.I have a wide variety of interests and he encourages them all – from singing in a rock band, to learning bass, to my travels FOR work and really being a rock for my mom – he’s a true catch. (And he’s super cute, too)

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?  This is a tough one.It’s nothing profound, but I’ve been fronting a rock band named “Sugar Buzz” for the past 5 years.We’ve had some great experiences, including being invited to play a major rock festival called “Moondance Jam”.It’s a cover band, but we have one original song I’ve written and performed called “We Are Rock Stars.”I’m over the moon when our fans actually ASK us to play it (and they sing along).I taught myself bass guitar as well for a small combo that writes original music and plays wineries. Aside from that, I honestly would like to think my greatest accomplishments are still ahead of me. My dream is that when I retire, I get an RV, a bunch of dogs, and become a “citizen of the country”.I’ll also train my dogs to visit nursing homes and bring a little joy to the residents.

Tell us how your career journey landed you here at Concur?I was working in the mortgage industry leading a technology training team.I was ready to make a change (and the industry itself was making a BIG change) A friend of mine knew someone here and thought I’d be good for a marketing role.The rest is history.

What’s the best thing about working at Concur?The “vibe” of the culture, for sure.Everyone is driven, passionate. We’re not afraid of “rational experimentation” and not afraid to fail before succeeding. That’s not an everyday occurrence – and it’s what will keep people here, and it’s what will bring the best people onboard.


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