Management.Travel’s Mobile-centric Interview with Rajeev Singh

As Concur’s mobile application enters its second generation the folks at Management.Travel recently talked with Concur’s COO and President Rajeev Singh about the growing trend of users embracing and adopting new mobile apps to make their lives easier. You can find the entire interview – 5Q With Concur COO Raj Singh – online.

Here are a few quick highlights from the interview:

Answering a question related to the proliferation of platforms in the industry, Singh said:

“…Our platform is to allow third-party developers to interface with this technology and provide their services within the construct of control for the corporation and convenience for the employee. We have 10,000 customers and seven million employees accessing and working with that platform every day. There's an audience developers can reach. Everyone is out there talking about a platform, but sometimes you can have a party and nobody comes.”

On some huddles of adoption and popular functions:

“With us, one, they [users] are viewing and managing itineraries. It's the most common usage of the application; viewing itineraries and then changing their travel plans associated with that itinerary. The second thing we see a lot of is approval of expense reports and travel requests. You're at the airport and you have five minutes before your flight, you pop it up on your device and you can look at every line item of expense reports, look at receipts and approve the expense report right there. And we're seeing increasing usage on booking taxis and restaurant reservations. The more applications that come in and join the platform, the more we're going to see different types of usage. All these things could otherwise be happening outside of the corporate mandated tool, but this will still allow that data to flow through to the back office and create reporting.”

You can check out the full 5 Questions article at Management.Travel’s website and learn more about how Concur differentiates itself as a platform while addressing the duel needs of organizations wanting approved-tool adoption and employees desiring convenience.

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