Making time for ‘Bleisure’

businesstravelBusiness travel has long been seen as a necessary but burdensome task. We associate it with long security lines. endless meetings, and weary travelers – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Technology has transformed nearly every aspect of taking a trip, from driving across the country to taking a red-eye flight. The way we travel is changing for the better, and business trips are no exception.

It’s not limited to only technology that’s making travel easier. Decision makers within organizations are beginning to see the value of a more relaxed business trip – and they’re developing solutions to make that a reality. Research has shown that unhappy workers are less productive than their happy counterparts, and the stress that travel often induces can have an adverse effect on performance. With important presentations and client satisfaction at stake, it just makes sense to invest in a traveling employee’s well-being.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you make your next business trip a success.  

Tap into your caring side

Traveling for business can be overwhelming. Whether you’re alone or with a few colleagues, it’s difficult to represent your entire organization without their physical presence to lend you support. Having an extra day to prepare, adjust to your new surroundings, and get a solid night’s sleep can mean the difference between a so-so performance and one you can be proud of.



One of the most important things a business traveler can do is take care of themselves while they’re on the road, say the experts. Staying healthy and managing stress will help you stay focused on the task at hand; while the reward of leisure time keeps you motivated to operate efficiently.

From apps that help you stay organized to habits and rituals that keep you in tip-top shape- find what works for you and go with it. A little “you” time can not only make you happier, but also produces many side benefits for your company. After all, if your trip is productive, who cares if it’s conventional?



Learn something new. Explore!

Every place, from Boston to Stockholm, is different and special. Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective and learn more about the world around you. Business trips can provide such a chance for yourself or your employees – and bring value to your organization at the same time.

Diversity, compassion, and understanding are important qualities for today’s companies to possess. As you move around the world, take time to discover a new culture, and understand where your clients and investors are coming from. Carving out an hour to explore a museum or try traditional cuisine isn’t just relaxing – it’s research. And those experiences can add a depth to your business relationships that your competitors might not have.

Read our  Uncommon Points of Interest in Common Business Destinations blog series for places to check out.

Watch your industry flourish

As business travelers make changes to the way they get around, it opens the door to new opportunities for travel companies. Professional development conferences like Concur’s Fusion 2015 are an exciting way to sharpen your skills and network with like-minded business people. These events can also help to expand your horizons and increase understanding and awareness of others.

With the right tools, and a positive mindset, you can make your next business trip a success. Technology has come a long way in helping streamline travel, but reducing stress, staying healthy, and making time to rest and relax is all up to you. Bon voyage!




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