Making Global Deployment Easy: Fusion 2012

Whether it’s email, teleconferencing, accounting, expense reporting or business travel, companies want to ensure their employees have the tools they need to do their best work. And as a company grows into new markets and new locations, making those tools and solutions available across the globe can be a big project. Just ask anyone who is responsible for providing this kind of global deployment for their companies. It can be fraught with concerns, questions and challenges.

Ryan Plutnicki, Concur’s senior manager for consulting services knows just how to help people get past these challenges: get them in the same room and let them ask him and each other all the questions they have. It’s how he’s designed his two sessions at Fusion this year.

His first session “Best Practices - Expense - Global Deployment” will start with a presentation from Concur,  follow with a client panel, and allow plenty of time for questions and answers.

The second session “Global Deployment Workshop” provides participants the opportunity to discuss topics first in a roundtable setting and then with the wider audience. It also will allow for a break-out discussion with Concur moderators. No matter what stage of deployment participants are in, they’ll have plenty of opportunity to network with each other.

The range of experience found in these sessions is as impressive as the range of industries represented. “If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you might want to talk to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world about what they are doing to capture healthcare professional spend,” says Plutnicki. “If you represent a university, you can find out from other higher education clients about grant tracking and possible ‘encumbrance accounting.’ If you manage expense reporting for a law firm, you may want to talk about best practices for pass-through charges, billing clients and providing receipt substantiation.”

Plutnicki encourages attendees to bring a list of challenges that are stumping their operations today and leverage Concur’s expertise to find ways to get past the hurdles. “I’ve dedicated the last 14 years of my career to the business of T&E and I still learn things from our clients at each and every conference.”

Ryan’s top tips for Fusion:

  • Set up some objectives before you even get to Fusion: What are you trying to learn? Depending on your objective, plan your time accordingly around pre-conference sessions, demo booths, presentations and one-on-one consulting sessions.
  • Don’t just go to presentations. Look for roundtables, workshops and other networking opportunities to make sure that your questions get answered.
  • Make sure you head to some sessions with client speakers. See if they are similar in industry, company size, or might be experiencing similar challenges that you are. Talk with them after the session, as well.
  • Don’t miss the main events like the keynote speeches at the beginning of the first day and the end of the last day to get inspired and motivated.
  • Head to the social events. Thanks to the Spazmatics concert, we all left last year singing “TripIt, TripIt Good.”

There’s still time to register for Fusion, Concur’s premier client event with a discounted registration fee! Join us May 8-11 in Orlando. Follow the fun on Twitter at #CF2012. Find the agenda and the rest of the session descriptions here

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