Make Corporate Travel Policies Easier for You and Your Employees

The corporate travel environment is changing faster than ever before.Technology is giving travelers more choice in booking travel and companies more choices in how they interact with the customers and off-site employees. However, travel remains the second largest expense (after personnel) in most companies, and corporate travel policies still have an important place in keeping travel costs under control. Financial officers and travel managers still need visibility, control and compliance to achieve their financial--as well as their travel--goals.


Challenges with Corporate Travel Policies


As travel managers know all too well, the proliferation of airline fees over the last few years have increased corporate travel costs dramatically.However, it's difficult to get a handle on these costs--which ones represent a legitimate need and which are more of a luxury--without risking morale. Travel managers shouldn't have to take sides.


Corporate Travel Policies and Concur


Concur is a cloud-based service that updates and upgrades automatically. On the web, on a smartphone or on a tablet, we provide a complete suite of tools for travel managers and company employees. We make it easy for employees to comply with the travel policy, even when they have to make changes to their itinerary on the road. Our goal is to minimize the compliance burden onregular travelers while still helping travel departments hold down the ever-increasing cost of business travel. We want your company to get the most out of business travel and get back all the time used to make expense reports.


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