Looking Ahead: 3 Big Travel Expense Projects for Concur

In A Second Look: Concur Travel and Expense Enhancements, we looked at some of the features we’ve delivered over the last year. But we also wanted to give you a sneak peek at three significant travel expense projects currently in development.

1. Locate employees anytime, anywhere

A few months ago we acquired conTgo, a leading cloud-based mobile communications and messaging platform. conTgo delivers a set of comprehensive employee location services that help identify where employees have been, where they are, and even where they are going to be.

conTgo integrates with a variety of risk intelligence, medical, and security assistance providers to provide on-the-ground information and field support that's critical when unexpected events happen. It helps to ensure that not only do you know where your employees are, but you can rest assured that they are well informed and taken care of. And that's not all. At the heart of conTgo's technology is a mobile communications and event-driven messaging platform that allows you to reach the right employee with the right message, on the right device, at exactly the right time. Messages can be delivered on demand, synchronized with certain itinerary events, or triggered based on a number of travel and expense-related data elements.

By enabling these messaging and location-based services across Concur’s suite of solutions, we plan to provide a whole new range of capabilities designed to optimize the traveler experience while also aligning to corporate policy. Our product teams are already busy integrating these capabilities into Concur Travel & Expense so you can take advantage of them within the next few months.


2. Benchmark with Big Data


Recent trends like “big data” are inspiring us to think differently about how we can help you increase policy compliance and better manage T&E budgets. We're working to give you access to integrated benchmark data that will provide you with current air and hotel benchmark data that is relevant to your company. Infused within all aspects of Concur Travel & Expense this information will help you drive policy compliance and create specific standards for your own use.


3. Reward Your Employees with Points


The idea is simple: when travelers book below the benchmark, they accumulate travel points equal to the difference between the price they’ve paid and the benchmark rate. When they book above a benchmark rate, they must either use their stored travel points, or get manager approval. Travel points can only be used to exceed benchmarks, not redeemed for cash or anything else. This model encourages travelers to stay within budget, but also gives them flexibility.


Share your ideas


At Concur we don’t focus on "or." What that means is we don't choose between investing in new travel expense products or investing in current solutions. We need to both invest in new products and invest in our solutions. Have an idea for us? Share in the comments below or email us at connected@concur.com.


Want to know more? Contact your Concur account or sales representative for more information on any of these developments.  


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