Locate & Alert Confirms Safety of Employees

Sometimes the unexpected happens on a business trip. I’m not talking about arriving at the airport and realizing you left your suit jacket at home (which is why if you stop by the Concur booth at the GBTA convention in Denver this week you’ll see me wearing half a suit). I’m talking about more major events – tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanos, labor strikes, plagues of locusts – things that end up on the news (unless a celebrity does something silly and gets all the coverage).

When faced with one of these more significant unplanned events, things don’t always go so smoothly for employees or their company, no matter how experienced with the unexpected they might be. Not only are employers responsible for the safety of all their employees, not just travelers, but for a lot of companies, their employees are like family (I mean the good type of family, not cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation). Making sure they’re all right and can get the assistance they need is a priority.

Take the case of the recent riots in London. With the new Locate & Alert service, a company would be able to confirm that their employees are safe. By using the "locate" feature, you would see a map showing the location of all the people in the company. You could quickly zoom in on London to see who was traveling to London and which of the employees based in London were there. The map allows you to change the time to see who was in London yesterday afternoon, who is there right now, or who would be there tomorrow morning. From there, they can also “alert” all the people in London through multiple modes – SMS, email, voice, and Concur’s mobile app. Locate & Alert includes 3 capabilities:


  • Employee Locator: Company administrators can determine the location of employees using the best information from the employee profiles, travel itineraries from Concur and TripIt and mobile check-ins.
  • Location Check-in: Employees can check-in using a new feature in Concur’s mobile app, sending his/her current location to their employer with the option to request assistance and provide additional information.
  • Alerts and Communication: Administrators can send alerts and communicate with employees based on their current location or other information such as organization or custom groups.

It was no coincidence that getting a service like this required a group of jetsetters themselves. We were able to tap into the wealth of international experience from our teams in Prague, New York, Alexandria, Virginia, Redmond, Washington, and beyond to help develop and design Locate & Alert. Watch the following video to learn how the mobile app can help keep everyone in your company safe during unplanned events.


Locate & Alert is coming in the fall but we’re offering a sneak peak of it at GBTA. Watch the demo at booth 537. And please don’t make fun of my outfit.

To learn more about Locate & Alert and its availability, contact your sales or account representative.


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