Life in the Cloud Transforms Work on the Ground

Today’s rapidly-moving world is transforming quickly and with it a new standard for business productivity asks, “How much work can you squeak out in a day?” It’s a world where a few minutes of downtime seem like hours. As a result, more and more business travelers have turned to the power of mobile and cloud technologies to improve their experience, productivity and ultimately, their success.

Working in the cloud computing industry over the past decade, it’s remarkable to see how the rate of cloud innovation has affected almost everyone’s lives, specifically in the past few years alone. It’s something that we at Concur can say we’ve witnessed firsthand thanks to our customers. Business travelers – who often create their mobile office on a plane, hotel room or even a lobby couch – are pioneers of “living in the cloud.” Their smartphones and laptops are the channels powering them with all the information they need to survive that first intercontinental trip or their repeated travel up and down the West coast. Whether it’s tracking receipts along the way to Heathrow, booking or changing flights from their mobile phone, organizing travel itineraries in one place or planning a continental business trip from a hotel across the world – the cloud is the perfect tool because it doesn’t care where or when these actions take place. It just keeps business travelers moving without hindrances or complications.

Using a collection of growing cloud services, travelers are given instant access to whatever they need, wherever they are – from a map of downtown Berlin, to booking a cab to the Sydney Airport, or even accessing a presentation they saved in Dropbox. The result is a world where we can respond easier and faster than before, and provide up-to-date information based on seconds rather than minutes or hours.

With each download of a mobile app, travelers experience what it means to “cloud commute.” Apps like Skype or Google+ Hangouts allow people to work face-to-face with their colleagues and clients from any corner of the globe. The fact that these technologies are being marketed to and adopted by companies are proof of how today’s business world is becoming more about the work we do and the results we achieve and less about which location we find ourselves in.

As business travelers continue to cozy up to and trust more in the cloud, its flexibility and empowerment capabilities will continue to redefine the way business travelers operate. The next wave of innovation is coming and business travelers are steering the direction it’ll go. As we’ve always done at Concur, we’ll continue to take our cues from our customers –listening, watching and understanding how you are leveraging the cloud so we can always stay one step ahead.

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