Leading Beverage Company Savors Phenomenal Savings with Concur

Concur’s mission is to drive costs out of businesses through innovation. Here’s a new client case study that demonstrates how one company uses Concur to help them drive costs out of their business.

A leading beverage company with 500 employees had an intricate and complex accounting system and cost center structure, resulting in accounting managers needing an automated T&E solution with great flexibility and customization with 100 percent accuracy and total integration with their general ledger.

“We’re amazed at what this platform is capable of. We’ve been able to integrate so many components,” says their Director of Accounting. “This is a powerhouse of a tool, and it truly is an end-to-end solution. The reporting is incredibly easy to use and the intelligence is unbelievable.”

While reporting accuracy drove the decision to implement Concur, user and manager satisfaction with Concur® Travel & Expense, Concur® Intelligence, Concur® Audit and Concur® Pay has helped this beverage company realize extraordinary and rapid ROI, including:

  • Savings of nearly $10.5 million in one year – attributed to policy changes, related costs of booking travel, no longer paying late fees and significantly reduced transaction fees, etc.


  • 100 percent reliability and accuracy — not a single mistake in the year since implementation


  • 14,000 lines of policy rules integrated and automated into Concur


  • 97 percent employee adoption within four days of implementation


  • Robust reporting capabilities with Concur Intelligence that turn accounting complexities into accurate, actionable data


  • Powerful automation for a completely paperless back office environment

According to the Director of Accounting, implementation was fast and painless, making it the smoothest, most effective tech implementation in the company’s history – and required no internal IT resources. “If you’ve got a T&E business problem, Concur’s got a solution,” he says. ”There are no compromises. Any company, no matter the size, would be crazy not to go with Concur. Our executives are really impressed, and I simply can’t imagine using any other solution.”

Reading this case study leaves us wondering, what are other areas in which your organization can drive more than $10 million in cost savings so easily?

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