Lance Armstrong Talks about Life’s Challenges at NBTA 2010

This week at NBTA, we heard fantastic speakers including Condoleezza Rice and Sir Richard Branson. And, on Wednesday Lance Armstrong, athlete, author and cancer survivor, wrapped-up NBTA with an inspirational speech.

He shared his story of overcoming cancer and becoming a world renowned athlete. But in the end, his message was that sometimes life throws you for a loop, and your biggest challenges can be your biggest blessings. As he touched on, he didn’t choose to fight cancer, rather it chose him. His choice to go public with his illness and fight for the cause through the Lance Armstrong Foundation was described as “the best decision” he ever made. In the end, he not only beat cancer, he won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times and has helped raised awareness and millions of dollars in cancer research through his foundation.

While his message may not apply to the Employee Spend Management industry specifically, we thought the message certainly resonates with life in general. Whether life is throwing you for a loop at work or on a personal level, you never know the positive benefits you’ll encounter along the way.

What challenges have become successes or beneficial in your life? Does Lance’s message resonate with you, like it did us?

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