Konnichiwa! Concur Unveils Enhanced Features for Japan

Not every company has the exact same corporate policy when it comes to expenses and business travel, so why would countries be any different? Take for instance the need to read IC cards (smart cards) in Japanese. Or the need to provide rail schedules in French, German or English. Each country has its specific requirements.

Concur has long held that being a global company also means being a local company. We think our global success is dependent on our long-standing commitment to serving businesses locally. As an international leader in travel and expense management, we have the breadth of knowledge in our industry to help people meet the specific, localized needs of their country.

Japan is a country with unmatched personal resilience in the wake of natural disasters, and robust opportunities for local business growth. As a center of technological revolution, Japan is also a smart place to continue to grow Concur’s innovations in Cloud computing. That’s why we are excited to spotlight the release of our new solution designed for the Japanese market featuring support for the IC card.

“We are proud to be unveiling our new enhanced capabilities in Tokyo this month. With the features designed specifically for our Japanese customers Concur is continuing to serve the Japanese business community’s specific needs,” says Masamune Mimura, CEO of Concur Japan. “Our market here in Tokyo demands solutions mindful of language, regulations and particular business standards. Businesses here need a partner capable of catering solutions to their needs.” When it comes to basic activities like booking trains, renting cars, capturing receipts, categorizing expenses and providing reporting data, companies want to be sure they’ve found a trusted and experienced partner to help.

Concur has been a pioneer in innovating and developing these kinds of specific solutions, leading the way in cutting-edge Cloud computing. Our platform enables us to deliver these kinds of solutions automatically. Wherever you are in the world, you can connect to the tools you need.

Thanks to mobile devices, the Cloud allows employees to use smartphones and tablets anywhere they happen to be. More and more people turn to their mobile devices to do more than just email and browse. Thanks to Cloud computing and the advances in mobile technology, people are able to book flights, arrange meetings, call home, take a photo of their receipt (and maybe even their sushi), and do the kind of work that was once solely reserved for the office desktop.

“I have been in the technology business for over 25 years. But I can say without a doubt that we are right now living in the most exciting time I have ever witnessed in the evolution of the technology industry,” says Steve Singh, Concur CEO.

Continuing to enhance our offerings is just one example of the many ways that Concur is committed to delivering on the unique requirements for Japan, the rest of Asia, and our customers throughout the world.

Our Tokyo office is hosting the “Concur Cloud Forum 2012 in Tokyo” on February 14th as part of the product launch event. There, we will announce the specific functions for the Japanese market now integrated with Concur Expense. At the Cloud Forum, we original planned for 300 attendees but due to overwhelming response, we’re expecting 1,070. We’re looking forward to a full house! 

Update [March 5, 2012]: See more photos of the event on Flickr.

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