Keeping It in Perspective: Business Travel Tips

Business travelers unite! We know you’re on the road and always on the lookout for ways to make the most of your time. We’re on the hunt for the best business travel tips. How can you get through the JFK airport that much quicker? Or stay in shape while you’re on the road? How can you be efficient at your meeting, despite flying overnight to get there? To gather up these tips, we thought we’d look no further than the business travelers here at Concur, some of whom put in over 200,000 miles a year on the road.

Business travel is all about keeping perspective. That’s what keeps Kelly Colman, Concur senior account manager, going while traveling. She doesn’t let flight delays, baggage fees or missing seat assignments interfere with travel. Although all those unexpected travel hiccups that can make business cumbersome, Kelly keeps perspective by remembering why she travels about one week out of every month: meeting people face-to-face, building relationships and identifying with people she does business with over the phone and email. Which, for Kelly, is one of the reasons she loves business travel – nothing compares to meeting her clients in person. 

She also appreciates the small things, saying “The amazing thing about travel is actually getting on a plane. The fact that we can go wherever we want and go at a moment’s notice is pretty incredible.”

Hopping on a plane for business travel is something Kelly’s been doing since her first job out of college. Throughout her career and her 10 year tenure at Concur, she’s racked up quite a few tips while on the road:

Kelly’s travel tips:

  • Check your baggage. Then, you don’t have to worry about sending your luggage through security or finding space in the overhead bin on the plane for your luggage.
  • On the day of travel, go minimal – don’t wear anything that could stall you in security. Kelly always wears flip flops instead of boots with buckles, for example.
  • Pick a color while packing. Focus on either black or brown shoes, belts and handbags. Then, pack clothes that will coordinate with either black or brown. You’ll save space in your suitcase. 
  •  If your airline offers boarding passes on your mobile phone, take advantage of the technology – it will save you time from printing the pass at home, or standing in line at the airport to get your boarding pass.
  • If your flight gets delayed, go buy a book and sit down to read it. Chances are, the book you buy will be one you’ve wanted to read.

Kelly’s expense tips:

  • Skype as often as possible, especially when it comes to conducting international business. It’s more affordable than dialing long-distance across the globe from your cell phone.
  • Stay at hotels that provide e-receipts. When you get back from traveling, the e-receipt will be automatically waiting in your expense report, making it easy to complete your expense report.

Kelly’s bonus tip:

  • Let family and friends back home know you’re thinking about them by sending a postcard from the road.  

Kelly’s focus on perspective helps her make the most out of business travel. And, coming from a woman who uses flight delays as a chance to catch up on a book she’s wanted to read – she’s pretty much got that perspective thing figured out. 

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