Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Announcement

Concur is committed to delivering the best client experience through its solutions. Since Microsoft is dropping support of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 in January 2016, Concur is also announcing it will discontinue support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) and 9 (IE 9) web browsers as well.


The benefits of upgrading to a newer browser are many. As Microsoft and other browsers release new versions, users will enjoy a faster web experience with Concur and other applications they use, as well as the latest enhancements and features that companies like Concur release.  


When does support end?

Considering Microsoft’s announcement to end support of these same browsers on January 12, 2016, Concur will be ending support one full month after Microsoft on February 12, 2016. We understand that for many companies and their users changing browsers can be a large task, so we are taking care to announce early and often – providing you with resources and time to move to a new browser.  

What should you upgrade to?

If you or your company still does use IE 8 or IE 9, we strongly recommend upgrading to the newest version, Internet Explorer 11, or the newest version of another supported browser.


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