The Integration of Concur Expense with TripIt: Making Business Travel Even Easier

It’s so easy to sing the glories of business travel. It’s great for so many reasons: a chance to personally connect with coworkers, learn new tools and techniques at conferences, meet with clients on the road. And then again, there’s the other part. The tracking and managing of your plans, your coworkers' plans, maybe even your family’s plans. All those reservation numbers, confirmation numbers, hastily scribbled post-it notes, and then add on to that by how many people you’re traveling with. Airlines, hotels, rental cars, dinner reservations—all of that is a lot to track and you might just need a vacation from it when you’re through. Wouldn’t it be nice to 1) end the tyranny of all that tracking? 2) easily connect with your network of coworkers, friends and family to see what their plans are, too? 3) have all your itinerary information in one place? Enter TripIt. TripIt helps travelers do all of the above and more, like organize and share travel plans with a network of friends, family and coworkers. Having TripIt is like having your very own personal assistant traveling with you, helping you along the way.

And with our latest integration with TripIt Pro, that personal assistant just got even more productive. Now the details from business travel itineraries—no matter how they’re booked—are automatically available to import into expense reports. And with automatically created expense reports fed in from your itinerary data and card charges, your expense report is practically already entered by the time you get back.

As Mike Hilton, Concur cofounder and EVP Worldwide Marketing, shares in this video, there’s a lot to love about TripIt, and the ability to mix business and personal travel in one tool is just one of the “super cool” features.

What does the integration of Concur Expense with TripIt Pro mean for our enterprise customers?

And how is this integration a “game changer” for small and midsize businesses? As Mike Hilton explains, the change helps small businesses really get a handle on tracking business travel expenses.

We’d love to hear what you think. Email us at or add your comment below. Interested in having TripIt Pro for your company, contact your Concur representative for details. Find more information on the integration for enterprise customers and for SMB customers.

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