Infographic: Keeping your staff safe during travel

Most companies would agree that keeping their staff safe while traveling is a top priority. Yet, responses to a recent traveler risk survey vary from company to company. Together with GBTA, Concur surveyed managers, security officers and HR personnel at companies across North America, Europe, and Asia to gain a deeper understanding of their travel risk management protocols and practices. The results provided insights into common TRM protocols, the features included and how prepared organizations are to locate their travelers in an emergency.

The findings include:

  • The majority (83%) of travel programs have risk management protocols in place
  • 60% of those who do not have those protocols plan to implement them within two years
  • Domestic travel tends to have less of an emphasis than international travel for included features
  • 67% of companies who have travelers that book out of policy rely on them to initiate contact in an emergency

Where does your company currently stand on risk management protocols? Keeping your staff safe while traveling is more than a responsibility – it’s a duty. 

Find out more about current risk management trends with Concur’s interactive infographic and learn some of the next steps that can take your risk management to the next level and ultimately keep your employees safer.

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