In a click, capture mileage and transportation expenses

When you’re on the road, tracking mileage expenses and transportation costs is no easy task.  According to the Concur Expense IQ Report, transportation and personal car costs are among the top 10 expenses incurred by companies worldwide. Giving business travelers a simple and more convenient way to capture these expenses can have a huge impact.


With a business flight or train ride, there’s a fixed cost that can be verified by vendors with a receipt. But with a personal car, it’s not that simple. This can lead to longer expense tracking and approval cycles. Employers appreciate ‘verified spend,’ where everything is automated and receipts flow back and forth. Not surprisingly, employees appreciate this as well.



Thanks to Concur Platform partners like Starbucks, Airbnb and Starwood (to name a few), travelers can automatically capture and track receipts right from their Concur accounts. This convenience is now being offered by transportation providers like Uber, Addison Lee, Taxis G7, Curb, MileIQ, TripLog and, most recently, Automatic.



How does this work? Let’s take a look at the new Concur-Automatic integration. Automatic is a device for your car that pairs with your smartphone to track miles, routes and trip logs—then integrates with Concur for instant expensing.






Automate Your Trip: With the Concur-Automatic integration, you set up your Automatic device which is basically plugging it into the ODB-II port in your car and app and, when you’re ready, just push a button to send your trip data to Concur.  


Automatic1 Concur App Center  

Verified Mileage: You then go into the online trip journal and select which trips to expense for work. With one click, all this information and accurate data (to the tenth of a mile) is sent to Concur with a visual receipt highlighting the route, distance and time.  


Automatic2 Concur App Center  


Instantly Expense: Once submitted, the entry is automatically available in your Concur account, with the receipt attached to the specific entry. All you have to do is click to submit your report. That’s it. Really!  


Automatic3 Concur App Center  


This is just one example of how new services, IoT and platforms are combining to solve real world problems. Clearly there’s a lot of opportunity to deliver more conveniences. Today, most cars have GPS systems and several have accompanying apps. Eventually, these apps can stay connected to different systems, like Automatic and Concur, and provide services in a much more integrated manner. Future integrations could also capture related expenses like fuel and tolls—without any effort from the users. The Concur Platform offers several  integration points to help your products and services become ‘sticky’ and tap the nearly $1.3 trillion dollar business travel industry.* Check out our APIs, specifically eReceipts, and watch the Concur Platform overview to learn more.  




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*Source: GBTA/Carlson Wagonlit Travel, 2015 Global Travel Price Outlook

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