To Improve Business Travel, Let a Robot Handle Your Expense Report

No one goes to work excited to file a claim for travel expenses. Nobody was ever hired because they’re a superstar at entering receipts. And no major business trip was made better because a supervisor spent a day at the end of it approving expense reports. So, if that’s the case, why not just let a robot handle your expense and travel management?

In the latest episode of the Intelligent Business podcast, The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Barnwell explores how SAP Concur uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage the expense report process and give decision makers more visibility into company spend.   

The Intelligent Business Podcast

Episode 3: A Robot Completed My Expense Report


From filling out the report to approving expenses to flagging potential items that are outside of company policy, automation and machine learning give travel managers and finance professionals confidence that funds are being spent wisely while reducing the time employees spend on paperwork.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How companies are already using automation to create “the perfect business trip”
  • How virtual reality, chatbots, and other emerging technologies will change the way business travelers interact with corporate travel policies
  • How one company incorporated SAP Concur across facilities in 23 countries to reduce time spent reviewing expense reports from 10 hours a day to five minutes

The Intelligent Business podcast is a collaboration between SAP Concur and The Wall Street Journal’s Custom Studios. This new series digs into the stories behind the innovations that allow companies to become smarter about business travel. Listen to the five-part series here.

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