Imagine a World of Doing Expense Reports from Anywhere

Expense Reports from Anywhere You know better than anyone that the freedom your smartphone offers is boundless: it’s chock full of features, it’s highly portable, and it’s always on. Now add that level of freedom to your expense report. Imagine doing expense reports while you’re in the car waiting for your carpool partner to show up. How about in the coffee shop when you just don’t want to wait for your laptop to boot up. You could even work on it from the departure gate before your return flight home with just a couple of tap, taps. Where would you do your expense report if you weren’t tied down to a laptop or a desktop computer? It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Did you catch that bit up there about “expense report”? With the latest release of Concur for smartphones or tablets, we’re not just talking about tracking anymore. Previously, a user could enter simple expenses, capture receipts, attach cash and credit card expenses to a report, and submit reports for approval. And while people told us that they loved being able to enter expenses on their phones, they really wanted to be able to fully complete their reports without having to go to their laptops or desktops. “I want to be done with it here and now!

With the most recent release of Concur for iPhone and iPad (version 7.2.1), we have taken a major step towards this goal (Android and BlackBerry improvements coming soon). Now you can add the following details to your report:

  • Business purpose for an expense
  • Simple personal car mileage (variable mileage reimbursement coming)
  • Itemization for hotel bills
  • Attendees for entertaining, and
  • Custom fields (linked to drop lists for ease of entry and improved accuracy)

Many iPhone or iPad users are now able to create, complete and submit an expense report without ever having to boot up a computer again. Just imagine it. Pretty nice, huh? If you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad app recently, head to the iTunes store. P.S. We’re always looking for more ideas and recommendations from you. If there is functionality you want added to Concur, let us know; your input helps us prioritize future releases. Reach us at

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