“I love to pack”—said no one, ever

If you’re a road warrior, you know that the fastest way to get through the airport is to travel with a carry-on, but that limits what you can bring; one pair of shoes, one sports coat that goes with everything - and the workout gear that will be first to go if your bag is too full. Wouldn’t it be great to take an extra pair of comfortable shoes, sweats to relax in, or your favorite full size toiletries? Of course it would, but you make those sacrifices because the alternative is to wait in line at the airport to check a bag, wait at baggage claim to retrieve it, and hope that it makes it off the carousel.


Once you arrive at your destination, you proceed to drag that bag through the airport, possibly to your first meeting, and if you’re really unlucky, to a dinner meeting until you can finally make it to your hotel. When it’s time to head home, you do it all over again, this time knowing you have unpacking and more laundry to look forward to at the end of your long trip.


That’s a lot of sacrifice - including personal time spent preparing your luggage and then managing it throughout your trip. In fact, you’ve most likely spent an average of 3-5 hours per trip doing laundry, waiting at airports, packing and unpacking. If you travel 2x a month, you’ve effectively spent about 5 days a year doing those mindless chores.


Wouldn’t it be great if someone else packed all the items you wanted for you; and your luggage magically appeared at your hotel for each trip? DUFL makes this possible.


DUFL, now part of the Concur App Center, is your personal travel valet. It’s simple!

  • Set up a DUFL account and connect it to your Concur account
  • Send the items you’d like to have in your DUFL closet - full-size toiletries,work and casual clothing options, chargers for your electronics, and any other favorites items.
  • DUFL will professionally clean your clothing, inventory, photograph and store all your items in your personal virtual closet.
  • When you’re ready for your next trip login to the DUFL app, enter your trip details and pack in minutes from wherever you are - at your desk, on a plane, during lunch.
  • Your professionally packed bag will meet you at your destination. And when you’re ready to head home just schedule a pick up from your hotel in the app.
  • DUFL will again clean and inventory your items and prepare your virtual closet for your next trip .
  • And all of your DUFL e-receipts will be automatically sent to Concur for effortless expensing.


We know, it sounds too good to be true. Just try it. You’ll never want to travel the ‘old-fashioned way’ again! Visit the Concur App Center for more information and to get started!


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