How to Wrap Up 2011 with a Strong Finish

The new year is just around the corner. Before you know it, it’ll be January 2012. The end of the year can be stressful enough as it is. Finance and accounting professionals know this better than most. So what a perfect time to nip that stress in the bud. It’s why we’ve assembled a few tips to make this time a little easier when preparing Concur Expense for the new year. As part of the calendar year-end process, it’s a great time to review areas of your system.

Here are our suggestions of actions you can take to make the last couple of weeks to get ahead in the new year:

Reimbursement Rates: Many governments will change reimbursement rates at the start of 2012.

  • Review the Value Added Tax (VAT) / Tax Administration Set Up Guide. Modify these rates once new ones have been announced.
  • Review the Travel Allowance / Per Diem Set Up Guide. Make sure your system reflects this new rate.
  • Review the Car Configuration Set Up Guide. Do you have all the car reimbursements needed? Be sure to update your company’s mileage rate(s).

For help on modifying these rates, contact Client Support.

Travel Policy Changes: If you are making any annual changes to your company’s travel policy, you may require updates in the following areas:

  • Receipt Handling – Have limits or type of receipts required changed?
  • Audit Rules – Limit, date related, or allowable expense type rules may need adjustment.
  • Email Reminders – Reminders may need to be adjusted to meet new compliance criteria.
  • Workflows – Do policy changes necessitate changes to the approval process?

Expense Pay: If you have Expense Pay, review the unconfirmed banking accounts for end users and returned payments.

Delegate Configuration: Clean up your Delegate Configuration. This can be done by going to: Administration > Expense Admin > Delegate Configuration > “Delete inactive delegates/delegators” button. This will clear out previously assigned delegates that were assigned and are now inactive.

Implementing these adjustments to your Expense solution should really help prepare your organization for the year ahead. Good luck in the New Year!

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