How to Manage Your Millennial Travelers - Part 2

Earlier this month we shared three tips on managing millennial business travelers from industry experts. This week, we're sharing a few of our own ideas for how to delight this mobile workforce while also insuring that your company’s travel policies are followed.

Give Them Options

Nothing undermines a Millennials' trust like the feeling they’re not seeing ALL the possible options. So make sure they are.

  • Concur Travel provides a broad selection of travel choices based on traveler preferences and corporate policies. You have access to multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), exclusive direct connects, your corporate discounts and Internet-only fares. With all these options, your Gen Y travelers can make smart choices based on their preferences and your travel policy.


  • Let’s face it, Millennials often think they can do better on their own. So, for those times when they want or need to shop for and book travel outside of traditional channels, Open Booking helps gather the reservation data, apply your policy, and ensure you can find them in the event of travel disruption. They get the independence they crave, and you maintain the control you need.

Give Them Tools They'll Use

Millennial travelers expect the tools and process they use at work to be as easy as what they use at home.

  • If it can’t be accessed anywhere, anytime, Next Gen’ers are not likely to use it. Need to change a flight, book a hotel, rent a car, or hail and pay for a taxi? No problem. The Concur mobile app puts all this and more at their fingertips. They can even snap photos of receipts, attach the images to the expense, and eliminate the paper hassle. And, if they're an Android user, they can book that hotel simply by talking!


  • Once travel is booked, any changes, delays or cancellations to your itinerary can be easily monitored with TripIt Pro. With check-in reminders, airfare monitoring, frequent traveler award tracking, seat tracker and more, travelers have all the information they need to have a great trip.


  • Gen Y is the social generation. Both TripIt Pro and Concur mobile make it easy to share travel plans with colleagues, friends, and family, so they can always stay connected to the important people in their lives.

Be Brief, Be Informative, Be Helpful

Remember: “Because I said so” doesn't fly with Millennials. They want to understand what’s behind your policies, and following them must be simple. During the booking process, Concur makes it simple by highlighting company-preferred vendors, coding lowest fare options as green-yellow-red, and if an out-of-policy option is selected, your travelers can be prompted to give a reason why they chose it.

During the trip, you can communicate hints and reminders with travelers. Remind them that the corporate rate they booked at the company preferred hotel includes Wi-Fi and breakfast, or that a taxi from the airport to the city center should not cost more than $40. And, if there is a travel disruption, you can get in touch with travelers and determine whether they need assistance. Expect to see this functionality soon.

There are lots of tips and tricks to support the Millennial workers in your organization. Equip this new generation of travelers with tools they'll use. What’s your best recommendation? Tell us in the comments below.

Curious about how Open Booking can work for your company and your travelers? Learn more here Photo credit: Paul Miller

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