How to Do Expense Reports on Your Mobile Phone

A few months ago I was in Boston for a conference, living the dream of every business traveler: crashed out in my hotel room, foraging for dinner in the minibar, and flipping aimlessly through the TV channels. Finding nothing on, I grabbed my iPhone and flipped through my apps.

Which is how I found myself doing my expense report. Because what else was there to do?


On your mark


I had some expenses ready to go when charges from my corporate card were automatically imported a few days earlier. From the Concur mobile app, under “Expenses” I could see two corporate card transactions. By tapping on the one that had “undefined” information (meaning it was missing some info like “business purpose”) I selected “Type,” assigned an expense type (like transportation, lodging, other) and saved it.


Get set


Then I created a new expense report. How? I tapped on the “Add to Report” button on the lower right section of the screen. Then I tapped the transactions to include in my new expense report.

On my new expense report, I changed the automatically generated title (which is the date, actually) to a new, more descriptive title, “Stuck in Boston.” Then I entered my business purpose, and tapped on “Save.”


If I had other receipts or transactions to add, all I would have to do is tap on the “Plus” icon in the top right corner. There are a host of ways to add expenses and receipts to transactions. Personally, I’m a huge fan of using my mobile phone to take pictures of my receipts (say cheese!).

Other types of receipts that you can both upload and find synced to your mobile app: e-receipts, company card charges, and receipts you’ve uploaded with the Receipt Store.


Checkered flag


Once you’ve added your transactions and any associated receipts, voila. The only thing left to do is hit “Submit.” No need to open a laptop. No need to power up any desktop device. Nosiree. But should you get interrupted by housekeeping to turn down your bed, you can always return to your expense report later either on your mobile phone or in the cloud. No matter how or where you start or update them, your expense reports are always up-to-date and automatically synced.

By the way, the whole thing took me all of five minutes, leaving me to the glories of trying to find something else to do. Which took the rest of the night.

So the next time you’re in your hotel room, or hanging out at the airport terminal, or pretty much anywhere, give the Concur mobile app a try.


Ready to find the app and start using it yourself? Download it at the app store of your choice: iPhoneAndroid and BlackBerry.



Featured image courtesy of: Alex E. Proimos


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